Support Policy

Efficient and effective customer support service is of utmost priority at Infotech Software Services FZE. Since our inception, we have been investing heavily to deliver high quality support services to our customers.

The below mentioned support policy is applicable to our existing software customers on purchase of software services from Infotech Software Services FZE.

a) Turn-around Time: The turn-around time or response time is depending on the nature and criticality of the problem. Based on the criticality of the problem it may vary. Otherwise, the normal turn-around time is of 24 hours.

Your support queries will be answered either through e-mail or telephone, whichever option is suitable and feasible to you. Our support staff will notify you on the time required to answer your query at the time when you place your support query.

b) Service Access: The process is very simple. Either you can drop a mail at Generally, we encourage the use of e-mail for dropping support inquiries. This ensures that we are not missing out on any support query.

c) Availability: We always ensure that we answer all your support queries in the prescribed time mentioned on our website. However, occasionally, the actual time may vary based on the real-time scenarios. Such scenarios may occur due to system downtime or any server maintenance activities.

d) Updates and upgrades: Under our annual maintenance contract, you are entitled to receive periodic updates on our products. These updates are made available to you at no cost. However, these updates are different from the product upgrades. No product upgrade will be available for free. These upgrades will be available to you at reduced cost as you are our existing customers.

These updates and upgrades will be available for download from our website only.

e) Maintenance and support terms: The maintenance and support term is up to 12 months from the date of initial purchase. As per our current sales agreement, you can avail free initial maintenance and support term. For subsequent maintenance and support terms, you will be invoiced and intimated 15 days prior to the end of your existing maintenance support term.

f) Cover: Our annual maintenance and support agreement covers all operational and technical support and updates. The upgrades are available on additional cost.

g) Exclusions: The agreement does not include any enhancement or modification outside of the development schedule. It is at our discretion to refuse support and/or any maintenance to any individual or company based on the violations of the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement. In case of outstanding payments or unethical behavior, we may reserve the right to decline any support services.

h) Fees calculation: The annual maintenance and support fee is calculated at 15 percent of the total retail price of the product. This has nothing to do with the purchase date.

i) Payments and renewal: The intimation for maintenance and service renewal will be sent to you 15 days prior to the end of your existing maintenance and support term. We do believer that it is your responsibility to note this date and keep us informed about your primary contact e-mail address. If we do not receive any payment within 15 days of invoice date, we will assume that you no longer are interested in maintenance and support services from our side. And hence, your annual maintenance and support agreement will be terminated with immediate effect. You will have pay reinstatement fee (50 percent of all total current retail price) in such condition to resume the agreement.

j) Non-maintenance agreement support: Infotech Software Services FZE also offers support to customers who do not opt for annual maintenance and support agreement. In such scenario, customers will be offered support services at Rs. 1,500 per incident. Customers will have to pay the full amount to avail this facility. In case, your query is not answered properly and the problem still remains, 50 percent of the fee will be refunded.