Ideal Payment Processing Integration

As customers prefer secure and convenient online payment gateways, businesses are making every effort to fulfill their requirements. This is resulting in businesses integrating popular payment gateways on their website for better customer experience.

iDEAL online payment method is one such secure and convenient option. Developed by Dutch banking community, it enables online payment facility by using online banking. Customers can easily pay through iDEAL by simply selecting their own bank, enabling one of the reliable payment methods.

Infotech Software Services FZE specializes in integrating iDEAL payment processing within your website. The biggest advantage of working with Infotech Software Services FZE for working with this integration is of language. As we are familiar with Dutch language, it becomes easier for us to provide customers with all possible support to successfully implement this within their online payment system.

Some of the key business benefits of using iDEAL are:

  It's suitability for all merchants

  Ability to conduct business to business and retail transactions

  Secure and simple processing

  Ability to make payments in familiar online banking environment

  Any user with access to online banking with one of the participating banks can use iDEAL absolutely free

  Be free from form filling and registration process

  Get immediate payment confirmation

iDeal is suitable for merchants selling products and services on the Internet. As it offers both business to business and retail transactions, it provides users with additional business opportunities.

At Infotech Software Services FZE, iDEAL payment gateway integration is one of the core areas of expertise. Infotech Software Services FZE deploys specialized professionals on your projects for better and quick results.

a) Secure online payment facility: One of the crucial factors that encourage people to buy and sell online. With our specialized and customized services, your customers will enjoy a seamless online experience.

b) Back-end integration: It is very essential for a company to be in the loop for any activity happening on the website, especially for the online payments etc. With our services, you are always in the loop. You will be notified whenever a customer makes a purchase.

c) Returning web experience: Most of our customers want their customers to stay on their website for a longer period of time for enhanced business opportunities. We have answered their query by allowing customers to automatically return to the vendor's website after completing the payment process. This gives users the returning web experience.

d) Reporting: What allows businesses to strategize and plan their business activities is the ability to measure the performance. Infotech Software Services FZE allow customers to effectively measure and manage their business with effective reporting facility.