Paypal Payment Processing Integration

Although we have seen most of the important processes going online for convenience and comfort, users still have the hesitation about using online payment facilities largely due to risk of threats. This is really forcing vendors with online payment systems, especially E-commerce sites, to adopt new measures to make their customer's experience of online buying safe and easy. And one such measure is integrating PayPal within the existing online payment system.

One of the biggest independent payment providers for online payment in the market today, PayPal has become the trusted name in the auctions market today. This is really encouraging various vendors to get PayPal integrated within their own online payment systems.

At Infotech Software Services FZE, PayPal payment gateway integration is one of the core areas of expertise. We have helped various customers to effectively integrate PayPal payment gateway for accepting payments online. Infotech Software Services FZE deploys specialized professionals on your projects for better and quick results. PayPal also represents a physical Point-of-Sale terminal located at most retail outlets. To make the online shopping experience safe, the PayPal payment gateways encrypt the user's sensitive information, such as bank account number, credit card number etc. This enables the information passing safe through the online shopping sites.

Infotech Software Services FZE also offers customized PayPal integration solution to enable your customers to make online payments securely using any PayPal gateway, making it easier for you to accept it. Infotech Software Services FZE delivers these integration services in various scripting languages, such as PHP, Perl and .NET.

Infotech Software Services FZE offers various business benefits to its customers for the PayPal payment integration services. These benefits include:

Secure online payment facility: One of the crucial factors that encourage people to buy and sell online. With our specialized and customized services, your customers will enjoy a seamless online experience. In terms of customization, you can also have customized PayPal payment pages with your company logo, colors to make them identical with your company identity.

Back-end integration: It is very essential for a company to be in the loop for any activity happening on the website, especially for the online payments etc. With our services, you are always in the loop. You will be notified whenever a customer makes a purchase by using Payment Data Transfer or Instant Payment Notification.

Returning web experience: Most of our customers want their customers to stay on their website for a longer period of time for enhanced business opportunities. We have answered their query by allowing customers to automatically return to the vendor's website after completing the payment process. This gives users the returning web experience.

Reporting: What allows businesses to strategize and plan their business activities is the ability to measure the performance. Infotech Software Services FZE allow customers to effectively measure and manage their business with effective reporting facility.

At Infotech Software Services FZE, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. We have been enabling our customers to enjoy maximum from our services and products for better business visibility and enhanced productivity. With Infotech Software Services FZE be assured of secure and convenient online experience for your customers.