Need Odc

It has become the need of the hour. An offshore development center (ODC) is very much important for offshore customers and offshore software development companies. At Infotech Software Services FZE, we do understand that setting up of offshore development center not only involves money, but also requires mutual trust and coordination.

Therefore, we provide our customers with multiple options through which they can have their offshore development center in Dubai. Primarily, these options are aimed at helping our customers overcome business challenges and gain multiple business benefits through this offshore development center.

These options include:

Option 01:

We build, develop and completely manage ODC on your behalf. It is our responsibility to take care of all necessary requirements to set up ODC for you. We will carry out all day-to-day activities within the center for your business. It is our responsibility to hire staff, have necessary infrastructure and complete legal formalities on your behalf.

The payment mode:

We will charge you on the basis of per month per resource.

Option 02:

We build, develop and manage ODC for a specific period of a time. The duration may vary from one year to five years. After that, it would be your responsibility to carry out all the activities within the ODC.

The payment mode:

We will charge you on the basis of per month per resource.

Option 03:

In this option, you are the sole owner of you ODC. We will be taking up the role of 'consultant' by helping you in setting up your ODC in Dubai. The entire ODC responsibility remains with you. We will be just guiding you through the process of implementation.

The payment mode:

There are two payment modes available in this option.

1) You pay us the specific lump sum amount for the entire project. OR

2) You pay us some fixed percentage of your total value of your project. This percentage may vary from one percent to ten percent.

Availability of these options portrays our commitment in providing suitable and affordable business options for setting up an ODC in Dubai. In the first two options, we will be investing to set up your ODC in Dubai. It is our responsibility to set up a well-equipped offshore development center for you. From infrastructure to human resources and from registration to management, we will handle everything for you.

In the last option, you will invest the money. We play a consultant's role to guide you at every phase of development. For our consultation and management, we will charge you a fixed lump sum amount for entire project, or we will work on the percentage basis.

You will have maximum business benefits from our services. These benefits will help you establish strong presence in the Dubai market.

These are:

  Efficient management of resources

  Improved market insight

  Error-free management


  Value for money

  Enhanced business productivity

We make sure that we answer your every business requirement with precision and accuracy. We have positioned ourselves strongly to accommodate your every need within our broad range services.