Inventory Software

Inventory management has become the key aspect of today's critical business processes. Considering the market conditions and goods availability, companies have started effectively monitoring and maintaining their inventories. However, this process also needs some methodology and this is where inventory management software comes into picture. Infotech Software Services FZE also offers inventory software to its customers.

Who can use our software?

There are various verticals that are looking to streamline their inventory management. These industries mainly include:

  Manufacturing units

  Logistics companies

  Realty developers

  Engineering companies

  Hardware and software vendors

  Hospitals, etc

With Infotech Software Services FZE software, these companies can easily and efficiently track all their inventory processes. Our software allows customers to effectively manage stock quantities, generate report for better performance and generate and send purchase orders from within the program and more.

Key features:

Easy to use: Infotech Software Services FZE software is very easy to use. Once installed, you will be able to monitor and track your inventory within minutes. This ensures that our customers do not have to spend extra money on training their employees on the use of our software. This is very easy to use and maintain.

Report generation capabilities: The basic and important process within inventory management is to analyze and track own performance. Our software allows you to generate reports of your stock keeping, making it easier for you to track inventories in an efficient way. This is very much important features for the companies who are maintaining very huge inventories with them at multiple locations.

Send reports, purchase orders: Some times it becomes essential for companies to send reports to higher authorities, or purchase orders to customers immediately after the inventory is dispatched from the godown. In such scenario, they need a solution that can generate report and send it to other parties in no time. Infotech Software Services FZE has the solution for such needs. Our software allows you to send reports and purchase orders from within the programs, reducing unnecessary time delays.

Monitor and report stock levels: Our software allows you to monitor your stock levels after regular intervals and report it efficiently. This results in better stock management and maintenance process. Companies with big inventories are the biggest beneficiaries of this feature.

Ability to track product history: Infotech Software Services FZE also makes it easier for you to view history of any particular product, in terms of sales. When that product was received, or when it was sold, all such important information is available ate your finger tip. This is very much essential to keep track of your product performance.

Transfer stock between locations: In a large organization, we can have multiple locations to manage inventory. In such scenario, it may happen that any particular product is transferred from place 'A' to place 'B'. Then it is very much required to keep track of this transfer as well as the stock. This reduces unnecessary confusions and even stock management from the multiple locations become easier.

Our every product is designed for providing better customer experience and satisfaction. We are sure that you can gain maximum business benefits from this software.