Bulk Sms

Sending business messages to thousands of people at one go has become a common and influential business practice for today's organizations. These organizations have been using various means to reach out to maximum number of people for enhanced business visibility. Bulk SMS is one such tool that has really become popular with business users in recent times. This facility has been used widely for advertising and marketing purposes and sending across continuous and updated messages to the customers.

Infotech Software Services FZE offers its bulk SMS services in two different types:

  Priority Route SMS

  Promotional Route SMS

With Infotech Software Services FZE, you can send bulk SMS directly from your computer or mobile. We have been providing our bulk SMS services to several clients including large corporate houses, stock broking firms and financial institutions for improved visibility and quick delivery.

Features of Infotech Software Services FZE bulk SMS services:

  Quick delivery of SMS


  Secure mechanism

  Grouping functionality

  SMS scheduling

  Short code and long code service facility

  MIS report generation

  24x7 online and offline support

Who can use?

Any organization with an objective to reach out to thousands of users at one go can avail our bulk SMS services. We have been offering our bulk SMS services to various industries to meet their specific business requirements. Our customers are able to reach out to their target audience with strong business message in shortest possible time.

a) Entertainment companies: To send jokes, games, wallpapers, ring tones and much more to its customers. These value-added services have become very much popular with mobile users in recent times.

b) Banks: To update customers on account balance information, cheque status or inquiry, or payment transfer. With growing competition, banks are now using such techniques to retain their customers with them and add value to their customer relationship management process.

c) Insurance companies: To update customers on premium due date, policy update, payment confirmation and etc. These activities also reflect better customer interaction and management.

d) FMCG companies: To receive customer feedback or dealer inquiries. This comes as a handy tool for FMCG companies to interact with customers and dealers on a regular basis.

These are some of the industry examples that can be benefited from our bulk SMS services. Adding value to your existing products and services has become the key to customer retention. With convenient and fast bulk SMS services from Infotech Software Services FZE, you can really add value to your existing services.

Business benefits of using Infotech Software Services FZE Bulk SMS services:

  Improved market reach

  Increased business opportunities

  Effective customer management

  Value addition to existing services

  Maximum ROI

Infotech Software Services FZE is committed to its customers and their business goals. Our belief in healthy and continuous customer interaction has helped us become a team of 100 qualified and expert professionals in just two years. This signifies the value and effort we are putting into building strong relationships with customer through interactions. We will continue to build mechanisms and strategies around this faith and add new dimensions to it.