Advertising Agency Software

It is very much important for any advertising agency is to manage and monitor its all advertising related-activities. Despite the boom in online marketing and advertising activities, marketers still opt for traditional way of advertising i.e. advertising in news papers. The charisma of print media is still encouraging marketers to go for such traditional way of advertising. While acknowledging the capabilities of print advertising, Infotech Software Services FZE has introduced multi-faceted advertising agency software.

Specially targeted towards news paper advertising, the software enables advertising agencies to effectively manage all their advertising effectively and efficiently. With our Advertising Agency Software, agencies can professionally keep track of all their activities for better customer management. From customer details to the customer requirements and payment details to delivery status, advertising agencies can effectively handle their activities.

Some of the key features of our Advertising Agency Software are:

  Easy installation process

  Easy to operate

  Effective feedback process

  Precise menu

  Secure mechanism

  Storage and back-up functionalities

The software is mainly meant for advertising agencies with customer base for news paper advertising. The software contains the comprehensive list of all the news papers as an integral part of the system for better customer delivery. Once installed, the adverting agency has to insert all the necessary details as per the client requirement and proceed ahead with the process.

The software can also be used as ready reference for future activities. While choosing Infotech Software Services FZE, the customers get maximum business advantage by this association. We make all possible efforts to deliver efficient and quality customer services.

Some of the important business advantages are:

  Quick delivery

  Professional guidance

  24x7 online and offline support

  Improved quality


IApart from these advantages, you can also enjoy key business benefits that are very much essential for your company growth and presence in the market. These benefits include:

Improved customer management: With our Advertising Agency Software, you can have improved customer management. You can easily keep track of all you customers and advertising activities at one place. With an ability to access all the important information at one place, you can efficiently handle all your customer related activities.

Effective tracking: It is very much important for any business to keep track of its activities. With our software, you can easily keep track of al your activities including payment process and customer queries.

Easy access to the information: As you are managing all your activities from one place, it becomes easier for you to access the key information with click of a button at one place. This eliminates the time delays in finding useful business information. You can store all your activities-related information at one place for future references.

Enhanced business productivity: Better customer management and effective tracking of all activities will finally result in enhanced business productivity. You will be able to reduce time on unnecessary stuff and can concentrate your efforts on finding new customers and deals. You are getting multiple benefits from our single advertising agency software.