Birthday Anniversary Management System

The 'personal touch' really plays an important role for an organization to keep its customers and employees happy and connected. The birthday wishes and anniversary wishes are ideal ways to show your customers and employees that you care. Now, Infotech Software Services FZE brings you the simplest and fastest way of managing all your 'personalized' communications. With our Birthday and Anniversary Management System, you can save your valuable time by simply automating this process. Once installed, you just have to enter birthday dates of your employees and customers and our system will take care of the rest. Our system will send an automated SMS to your customer or employee on his birthday on your behalf. Our system will also send an automated SMS to you as a reminder. So, this comes as a 'double delight' for you. The objective is to keep you close to your customers and employees. This system is very much ideal for organizations with large customer and employee base.

Some of the key features of our Birthday and Anniversary Management System are:

  Easy to install

  User-friendly interface

  Multiple users support

  Multi-lingual support

  Easy maintenance

Who can use our system?

Any organization that has to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries of its customers and employees can use our Birthday and Anniversary Management System. The system provides users with effective and efficient customer and employee management.

Advantages of using Infotech Software Services FZE Birthday and Anniversary Management System:

  Delivery in stipulated time


  Use of modern technologies

  Best quality

  24x7 support

Now, let us talk about us some business benefits that you will get with this system.

Enhance customer management: Customer relationship is the most critical aspect for any business, any organization. Organizations, globally, are investing heavily on streamlining their customer management efforts. With Infotech Software Services FZE, it is more than simple. We provide you with maximum customer management opportunities at minimal cost. It is your chance to stay connected with your customers and show them that you really care for them.

Efficient employee engagement: Along with your customers, you will also get a chance to efficiently and effectively get engaged with your customers. Your employees also need that extra care from you. With our system, let them know that you are connected with them.

Process automation: Sometimes it becomes easier for an organization to automate certain processes to save time and human efforts. With our Birthday and Anniversary Management System, you are automating one of your key activities in no time. Just install our system and be ready to send automated SMS to your customers and employees on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Savings on time and human efforts: It is very critical for any organization to effectively manage time and human efforts on certain routine processes. Considering stiff competition, organizations are looking to divert their workforce towards productive activities. In such scenario, our system can really help you in saving time and human efforts on routine processes like birthday and anniversary wishes.