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Infotech Software Services FZE is a Dubai based software development, web services, and business process outsourcing company. We offer range of IT services to help businesses worldwide meet with their goals and ambitions.

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Our vision is to provide quality services and solutions to our clients globally, and help them go beyond their business. This vision lies at the beneath of our services and offerings. Everyday, we live our vision like a reality, and our entire team believes in it.

The emergence of online business tools and services has answered the criticalities of modern business. This has allowed customers and companies directly involve and interact with each other without any outside interference. E-Commerce has really made the complex business processes simple and efficient, allowing businesses and customers to do business anywhere, anytime.

Infotech Software Services FZE offers its customers an array of e-Commerce solutions in accordance with their specific requirements. We specialize in delivering e-Commerce solutions based on various technologies including ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, MS SQL, Linux, PHP, and MYSQL. This allows us to effectively cater to your every single business requirement for online environment.

Facilitation of secure and safe online transactions is at the core of any e-Commerce system. Infotech Software Services FZE has expertise in integrating popular and secure online payment gateways to deliver secure online shopping experience. This comes as one of the basic advantages of utilizing Infotech Software Services FZE’s excellence in e-Commerce segment.

Other advantages of associating with Infotech Software Services FZE for e-Commerce needs are:

  • Enhanced online visibility
  • Effective content management
  • Better customer relationship
  • Secure online experience for customers
  • Safe online transactions
  • Customized delivery of solutions
  • Cost-efficiency

These advantages really make any e-Commerce system robust and powerful. Infotech Software Services FZE deploys a strong team of professionals to handle your mission-critical e-Commerce projects in a cost-efficient way.

Who can use our solutions?

Infotech Software Services FZE e-Commerce solutions can be used by any business, any vertical with online business functionalities. Our e-Commerce solutions, such as shopping carts, online stores, or integrated payment gateways can really make your online business experience rich and trusted.

Our solutions:

Shopping carts: With our shopping cart solution, you can make your online shopping functionality easier and effective for better customer management. We provide you variety of shopping cart development options based on your business requirements. You can select your option from the most popular online shopping cart frameworks – ASP.NET StoreFront Development, CRE Loaded Development, Magento Development and Yahoo! Store development.

Online stores: Infotech Software Services FZE’s online store functionalities are making it possible for businesses to offer an added advantage to their customers. You can effectively display or showcase your products for customers to purchase online. This gives your users a real-time experience of buying products as they are buying products or goods in malls or stores.

Integrated payment gateways: At Infotech Software Services FZE, payment gateway integration is one of the core areas of expertise. We have helped various customers to effectively integrate payment gateways for accepting payments online. To make the online shopping experience safe, these payment gateways encrypt the user’s sensitive information, such as bank account number, credit card number, etc. This enables the information passing safe through the online shopping sites.

Core benefits of using Infotech Software Services FZE e-Commerce solutions:

  • Consistent presentation
  • Compliance with W3C standards
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Search engine friendly navigation
  • Quick downloads and services

At Infotech Software Services FZE, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. We have been enabling our customers to enjoy maximum from our services and products for better business visibility and enhanced productivity.


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Our mission is to help our customers overcome information technology challenges and achieve business goals. We are on a mission to help these organizations overcome such challenges and choose right solution to meet their business goals.