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Our vision is to provide quality services and solutions to our clients globally, and help them go beyond their business. This vision lies at the beneath of our services and offerings. Everyday, we live our vision like a reality, and our entire team believes in it.

There are no limitations on how an organization can promote its products and services to its customers. However, the challenge is to carry out these promotional activities on a regular basis without much interruption.

This continuation can be achieved through our promotional route bulk SMS service. With this service, you can send promotional SMSes to thousands of people in the shortest possible time. You can send SMSes anytime; however, the delivery time may vary from 8-10 hours.

Who can use our services?

Irrespective of vertical and products, promotion is an integral part of any business. However, effective and efficient promotional activities pay well for the companies dealing directly with end consumers.

Some of these include :

  • Restaurants
  • Travel companies
  • Retail shops and chains
  • Media and entertainment companies
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Stock broking houses
  • FMCG companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Educational institutions, and
  • Many more…

With mobile boom, bulk messaging has really become a viable option for promotional activities. With our promotional route SMS service, we have really converted this bulk messaging into a feature-rich marketing option. Our service comes with several features that can really add value to our customers’ promotional efforts.

Key features of our service are:

  • Assured delivery
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Bulk sending facility
  • Long SMS support, and
  • Delivery report

If you are looking out for efficient and effective bulk SMS options, then Infotech Software Services FZE is the right option for you. Apart from multiple features, our customers will also receive enhanced business benefits with us.

  • 24×7 online and offline support
  • Professional guidance
  • Unmatched quality, and
  • Constant customer communication

Whatever is your business requirement, whoever is your target audience, we are capable of delivering effective and efficient Promotional Route SMS services. If you want to know more about how our services can help you in achieving your business goals, please write to us at

We will revert back to you in the shortest possible time.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of any services, products that Infotech Software Services FZE offers globally. The real strength lies in understanding our customers and their businesses. And the right way to do this is to communicate with your customers on a regular basis. This continuous interaction helps develop strong and fruitful relationship between you and the customer.

Infotech Software Services FZE uses every possible mean to stay connected and close to the customers. Our robust infrastructure has allowed us to implement various connectivity options within the premises to solve customer queries and issues anytime, 24×7. This is the area where Infotech Software Services FZE edges over its competition and other service providers.

At Infotech Software Services FZE, we take a strong pride as the global provider of wide range of IT services. With our gamut of services, we are committed to be the provider of ‘one-stop’ solution to meet various business needs under one roof. Our services have been tested and recommended by our customers from time to time.


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Our mission is to help our customers overcome information technology challenges and achieve business goals. We are on a mission to help these organizations overcome such challenges and choose right solution to meet their business goals.